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RahkouT – Cashing Out My Heart (2010)

Posted on Jul 22 by

In the dark nights of Hoquiam, secluded in her home studio / bedroom, Rahkout works out melodies and rhythms. She plays with syncopation, and experiments with genres as much as instruments. “I mixed these songs for myself,” she says. “And it’s altogether ridiculous.” But her album Cashing In My Heart (2010, Mighty Kitten Records) proves just the opposite. She darts from playful songs and hip hop beats to wonderfully creative numbers like TK. And she’s generous – Cashing In My Heart is available free, right here. Go ahead, grab it – you know you want to. Oh, and her FCC Amateur Radio call sign? KD7JNO. For...


liights site

Posted on Jun 7 by

Hoquiam band LiiGHTS just put up a new site. If you’re in the area, check ’em out Jun 19 @ Le VOYEUR in Olympia with Ohio’s excellent BIRD &...



Posted on May 31 by

Hello, is this on? This is the spot to go for posts about what’s happening at Hoquiam WA’s best & only label for hand made music. In March, I signed the first artist: Rahkout. Sarah A’s been putting out sick beats about random topics for a few years now, and we’re hoping together we can get those beats heard a little further. She just released a full length album, after participating in a February song writing contest (she won it, by the way). Check out Title TK. Redbird Fever just wrapped up a year of playing, and the final sales of their debut EP Come Away From Your Home. Alas, they’re calling it quits. Recent member Flo Moore is continuing on me in a new group, LiiGHTS. We’re self-recording a micro release now, hopefully to put out soon. As LiiGHTS, they’ll be supporting Ohio’s BIRD & FLOWER (on Sunken Treasure recs) at Le Voyeur in June, and playing again at the Loft on Cherry in August. So go see ’em. Mighty Kitten is looking for some street team members;...


Redbird Fever – Come Away from Your Home (2009)

Posted on Feb 22 by

“Redbird Fever combines quirky pop sensibilities with a healthy experimental vibe. Their songs are short, snappy, and remarkable unpretentious.” – Ampeater Music Review Jan 2010The Redbird Fever are not always sincere about love and relationships. “Sometimes a more accurate truth comes about through sarcasm,” says front man Ralph Hogaboom. His distinctive guitar playing is offset by Jay Wainman’s spiraling violin and vocals, along with drummer Michael White. Together the three carve a new niche in indie rock.“The guitar loop can really play the role of timekeeper in a song,” he says. “Without a bass player, it relieves the song of needing that rhythmic drumming. It allows for much more percussive melody.” The songs on their self-released debut EP shine and shimmer this point home. Catchy melodies combine with quirky pop sensibilities and a lean toward experimentalion to create a sound uniquely their own. Add the shared harmonies between Hogaboom’s strong male vocals and Jay’s dynamic female voice cretea a world of loss, heartache, and alienation that is instantly accessible and relatable.This album is available for free download. Donations appreciated....


Nobstreater – Where are the Wise Men Where are the Scholars (original release 1999)

Posted on Jan 1 by

Well, here, let’s just jump to the Bandoppler album review from Nov of ’99. Nobstreater Where are the Wise Men Where are the Scholars 1999 Talking Donkey Music Sometimes when you are a music writer you get really, really, really bored with everything out there. But there is always THAT band that comes along and reminds you of why you got started in the first place. Such artists as Havalina Rail Co, The Wednesdays, Ninety Pound Wuss, Frank Black, and Danielson have been those bands for me in the past, providing the inspiration that it takes to keep going with all of this reviewing jazz. But no band stands out as my personal├é┬ámuse more than Nobstreater, a band that painfully describes themselves as “Emo-Math Rock.” They demure to this tag painfully because they must know how binding and unfair such a label can be. For this band is anything but taggable, and leaving their freshman EP in the dust, this new album is anything but pigeon-holable. This is 13 tracks of right brained frenzy, with more creative and diverse...